About us


Bro Bureau was founded by artist Mykyta Shalenny in 2019.

The mission of the studio is to create top-level art, design, and architecture and to make them part of our life. A great passion for creativity urges us to stage experiments, expanding human capacities.

Bro Bureau consists of the interdisciplinary team of experts: artists, designers, architects, and engineers who rely on high level of working with details and self-expression. Creative, cross-sectional interaction between experts inside the bureau represents our architectural and interior solutions, furniture, illumination, textile, décor and design of articles of any scale.


Городские Art-инсталяции (Landmark)

Архитектурный брендинг

Интерьерный дизайн и архитектура

  1. Horeca
  2. Жильё
  3. Отели
  4. Коммерческие объекты
  5. Розничная торговля

Предметный дизайн

  1. Объекты искусства
  2. Осветительные приборы
  3. Мебель
  4. Лимитированные серии
  5. Текстиль и ковры
  6. Покрытие стен
  7. Плитка и камень