Country club

Our bureau designed a compact, futuristic and thought out to the smallest detail residential complex consisting of 29 houses in a modern townhouse format. In addition to townhouses, the territory of the complex includes two apart-hotels.

One of the hotels consists of 38 rooms-apartments with an area from 27 to 87 m2. The second hotel, which occupies the lower part of the site, has 27 rooms with an area of 42 m2. There is also a loggia, a bomb shelter and all technical facilities for the maintenance of the complex.

The area of each townhouse in the complex is 85 meters of living space. The project provides a garage for a large car and a storage space on the lower level. Therefore, the basic needs of residents are automatically solved already at the design stage.

The first apartment hotel includes a coworking area and a studio for children's entertainment. Each room has a private terrace with incredible views of the Carpathian nature. On the lower level guests can visit a restaurant, SPA, children's restaurant and ski room.

The second hotel has a large roof terrace with a large summer restaurant area, an outdoor SPA area and a children's playground. This terrace offers fantastic views of the slope and the sunset.

The apartment hotels are interconnected by a gallery, which makes it possible to get from the lower hotel directly to the restaurant or SPA area. Each of the hotels has its own reception and common areas, so that the total area of the complex feels really voluminous and variable.