Country club


city: Dnipro, Ukraine
function: museum, memorial complex
area: 10,000 m²
status: preliminary design (2020)
author: Mykyta Shalennyi
composer: Nadia Odessiuk

The corridor constitutes a memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the Ilovaisk tragedy.
The composition is based on two broken lines-surfaces forming a corridor. The spectator can go along the corridor, listen to the audio installation, and visit the museum of memory.

The whole complex consists of three facilities: audio installation, chapel, and museum. The geometry of forms is sharp. The walls with a negative slope create the sense of danger, trap.

Of importance in the project is the audio installation, a music composition following the scenario of the beginning, development, middle part, accents, and a code. To create the composition, composer Nadia Odessiuk uses documentary fragments of the event chronicle. The composition ends up in male a capella choir singing.

The audio installation shapes up the corridor using directed sound. The walls of the corridor function as restrictions for sound spreading.
Проект развития территории
Relax Hotel & SPA

Загородный оздоровительный комплекс с двумя озерами, площадью 60 гектар.

На территории: апартаменты, ресторан, пляж, бассейн, BBQ, SPA.
Sound direction detecting circuit
Museum space
Projection Museum
Audio installation