Country club

Museum of the History of River Pilots
Variant II

city: Dnipro, Ukraine
function: Museum of History 
area: 450 m²
status: preliminary design (2021)
team: Mykyta Shalennyi, Olesia Sandrkina, Mariya Yabrova.

At the beginning of the last century there was no exit to the river of Dnipro, there were saw mills and wooden sheds near the water, where fisherman and marine pilots kept their work tools.

Sometime, when river pilots rafted tons of woods along the river, they also put up such wooden sheds right on the logs that formed a large platform — raft.

It is such barn that has become the initial point for the creation of the form of the second museum option.

We deployed two roof slopes at different angles in relation to each other, breaking the shape of the usual roof, so the volume of the museum seems to roll over water rapids and differences.

Our solution has preserved the uniqueness of the first option, where the goal was to create a landmark in the territory of the inhabited settlement of Lotskamenka, but, at the same time, we managed to deviate from the latter expensive solution with the observation deck.
Facade cladding scheme
Facade materials
Graphic design museum identity
Проект развития территории
Relax Hotel & SPA

Загородный оздоровительный комплекс с двумя озерами, площадью 60 гектар.

На территории: апартаменты, ресторан, пляж, бассейн, BBQ, SPA.