Country club

Museum of the History of River Pilots
Variant III

city: Dnipro, Ukraine
functions: museum of history 
area: 450 m²
status: preliminary design (2021)
team: Mykyta Shalennyi, Olesia Sandrkina, Mariya Yabrova, Borys Siryk

In the third variant of working at the concept of the Museum of the History of River Pilots we had to drastically reconsider our solution and make it “minimalist”.

The customer decided to leave the current building of the former glass containers there and to reduce the budget to the possible minimum. We offered building a cover. The cover was a metal frame to which we attached an expanded metal sheet, and we suggested making the roof usable, with a summer café and a lapidarium.

Thus, we found an original and simple solution using ordinary construction materials within the rigid constraint format.
Ground floor plan
Roof plan
Graphic design museum identity
Проект развития территории
Relax Hotel & SPA

Загородный оздоровительный комплекс с двумя озерами, площадью 60 гектар.

На территории: апартаменты, ресторан, пляж, бассейн, BBQ, SPA.