Country club

city: Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine 
created for “ARTWORK” ART ARSENAL, curator Alisa Lozhkina and Yeva Sulek
function: art installation size: 450х650х450 cm
material: fabric, wood, rope, fasteners, wire, lamps 
status: implemented
author: Mykyta Shalennyi
photo: Aliona Saponova

For me, an inflatable brain stands for a symbol of freedom of mind. Steamy thinking. It all starts with thinking. Nothing will remain after us but for the energy of thinking that will be taken up by new generations. “Thinking stands for the courage of those deprived of hope”, — that is the quotation from Giorgio Agamben, that has been tickling my mind over the recent couple of weeks.

I would like to create the work in which most inflatable brains would be soaring above the city. Accumulation. What has been done in the Arsenal is its beginning.

Brain is something not studied enough, something mysterious and sacred. Brain can be light and fast-moving, but it may also be ossified and old-school. There is an opportunity to go inside it in my work and to see how everything is arranged.
Коллаборация detailing студии Harley Davidson, бургер бара, и TATOO студии.
Локация: Левый берег, Днепр
В процессе реализации

- реконструкция объекта, развитие территории
- создание арт-объектов и предметов декора
- индивидуальная разработка мебели
- создание индивидуальных предметов освещения
- инженерные решения
- расчет освещения