Country club

Our bureau designed a compact, futuristic and thought out to the smallest detail residential complex consisting of 29 houses in a modern townhouse format.

The area of each townhouse in the complex is 85 meters of living space. The project provides a garage for a large car and a storage space on the lower level. Therefore, the basic needs of residents are automatically solved already at the design stage.

Due to the division of the area between the two floors, the residents of the townhouse will always have their own personal space and peace. This is especially true if the family has children.

When creating the interior, we were inspired by the local style of the Carpathians and the local flavor.

The interior turned out to be moderately laconic, not devoid of interesting details and its own zest. A lot of light, a pleasant range of colors, in which you can really relax and feel all the comfort of your home.

In the living room area on the ground floor we placed a stove, which serves not only as an additional source of heat, but also attracts attention with its vintage design and adds atmosphere.

In one of the bedrooms facing the slope, we made a small but very cozy balcony. The other bedroom has a French balcony. So each townhouse will have enough space to enjoy the nature around.

Each townhouse has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and dining-living room. Residents of such a house will always have enough space for everyday activities, for meetings with guests, for a truly comfortable life.