Country club

Lioncom office is located in the city of Kyiv. Its total area is 250 sq. m., and it is located on the 22 nd floor, with a perfect view of the beautiful left-bank park area.

The Customer has given the assignment to perform the interior in the way for it to be functionally, convenient, cozy, home-like, and, the main thing, for it to be diverse, with different textures and dimensions. And we reflected this multilayered nature in the interior objects and details.

The first floor hosts the reception, a large open space – coworking, a coffee point, a bathroom, the directors’ office, a meeting-room, and a terrace. Each zone is of some specific interest. For example, in the open space we used portable furniture that can be folded in case the premises should be used for some events. Here you can put the tables together to hold a brainstorming activity, and you may also work separately on having found an ideal place for you. We have integrated greeneryin the form of the island which includes a bench and a benchtop where you can work. There are many Instagram places in the office, where stories, reels for team promotion can be produced.

The coffee point is made in the form of French bakery, with many drawers, cabinets, many different details. This space fills the office with coffee aroma.In the directors’ office there is a benchtop-window sill where you can work watching the city panorama and listening to gramophone records. There is a terrace behind the office, and it has been arranged as a park area, with street furniture and greenery there.

The second floor is quieter. It includes the area for creative professionals, an accountant’s office, a bathroom, a photo area, and a cafeteria. The creativity area has been separated from the general one, you can make mood boards on the walls there, and the height of the tables can be regulated for your convenience.In the photo area one may shoot videos as well as hold master classes.

The invited cooks will cook in the kitchen – dining-room for the whole team. We have added some retro elements for it to resemble a real cafeteria with its style. This interior contains a lot of details developed specially for this place, like an island, the reception, light boxes, etc. We have also used objects produced by Ukrainian designers there.