Country club

Коллаборация detailing студии Harley Davidson, бургер бара, и TATOO студии.
Локация: Левый берег, Днепр
В процессе реализации

- реконструкция объекта, развитие территории
- создание арт-объектов и предметов декора
- индивидуальная разработка мебели
- создание индивидуальных предметов освещения
- инженерные решения
- расчет освещения
Renovation of general education city schools.

city: Dnipro, Ukraine
function: educational 
area: from 50 m²  to 300 m²
status: implementation (2022)
team: Mykyta Shalennyi, Olesia Sandrkina, Yuliya Markova

The design of Soviet schools has largely exhausted itself, and our task was to make a school space a more friendly, light, and comfortable space. On listening to the teachers and doing the research, we tried to diversify their environment in teachers’ rooms. In the dining-rooms we created diversity of seats, enabling the child to choose where (s)he wants to stay.

The gyms were made more integral due to lighting, working with color blocks and zoning.
  Dining room