Country club

Коллаборация detailing студии Harley Davidson, бургер бара, и TATOO студии.
Локация: Левый берег, Днепр
В процессе реализации

- реконструкция объекта, развитие территории
- создание арт-объектов и предметов декора
- индивидуальная разработка мебели
- создание индивидуальных предметов освещения
- инженерные решения
- расчет освещения
Window displays are the exposition displays developed specifically for the showroom of the”Kimberli” jewelry house.

They are made of precious materials: nitride, titanium, veneer (poplar root, ebony), velvet, crystal glass, and marble. Each display window got its internet name: the display in the form of a glass prism was called the "sleeping beauty ", the one in the form of the lamp from the old intensifier — "colbatron", the round display — "marshmallow".

For the “Sleeping beauty” display we took traditional Gothic perforation which was used in the ancient time in the booths of Catholic churches.